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Within the last 24 months*

MISSOURI BROADCASTERS ASSOCIATION ranks 353rd amongst lobbying organizations, having given 2 gifts to legislators and their staffs, valued at $258.

* The state releases data two months after lobbyists submit it, and our numbers reflect the last 24 months on record.

Since 2004

MISSOURI BROADCASTERS ASSOCIATION gave 10 gifts to state legislators and their staffs, valued at $1,118.

Want all the data? You can download it here.

Top 10 legislators who have received the most from this organization

Sen. Gary Romine Republican | 3rd district
Sen. Wayne Wallingford Republican | 27th district
Date Recipient * Value Description Category
2014-02-03February 3, 2014 HOUSE MAJORITY CAUCUS* 221.58$221.58 Buffalo Wild Wings, Jefferson City, MO/Event Meals, Food, & Beverage
2015-07-27July 27, 2015 Sen. Gary Romine 36.82$36.82 Dinner Meals, Food, & Beverage

* Lobbyists sometimes report that they purchased a gift for an entire committee or the full legislature. In these cases, it's not clear whether everyone in the group actually received a gift.