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Industry: Labor

Within the last 24 months*

MISSOURI LABORERS` LEGISLATIVE COMMITTEE ranks 469th amongst lobbying organizations, having given 2 gifts to legislators and their staffs, valued at $24.

* The state releases data two months after lobbyists submit it, and our numbers reflect the last 24 months on record.

Since 2004

MISSOURI LABORERS` LEGISLATIVE COMMITTEE gave 104 gifts to state legislators and their staffs, valued at $22,029.

Want all the data? You can download it here.

Date Recipient * Value Description Category
2013-11-07November 7, 2013 Rep. Jacob Hummel 13.35$13.35 Lunch Meals, Food, & Beverage
2014-04-01April 1, 2014 Rep. Jeff Roorda 11.0$11.00 Lunch Meals, Food, & Beverage

* Lobbyists sometimes report that they purchased a gift for an entire committee or the full legislature. In these cases, it's not clear whether everyone in the group actually received a gift.